About SPrKL

Firstly, I just want to say a massive thank you to each and every person that visits this page, regardless of whether you purchase anything or not. I really appreciate you spending your time looking at my products, I also want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and my little business up to this point. I'm truly humbled and grateful.

My name is Kelly and aside from my first job working for the NHS, I wanted to do something just to top up the income and keep me busy in my spare time. I had many ideas but what kick started me was the sad and untimely death of my best friend "Missy" - My beautiful golden Labrador.

After her passing, I wanted to create something to remember her and keep her close to me at all times. So I created a piece of Jewellery that contained a small amount of her ashes and then decided to make a memorial for the living room with a 3D resin pawprint encased  with her fur and ashes. 

It was beautiful. I did the same with fur and ashes of my beloved rabbits that also passed earlier that year.

This triggered me to start showing it off to other people who also sadly lost their furbabies and they also thought that it was a great idea. 

I was soon creating Jewellery, Frames, Keyrings etc containing remains for a variety of customers. 

I slowly started to build my equipment to help personalise such items and  I also ventured into other products for all occasions.

Over the past year, I've continued to expand my catalogue of products and hope to keep doing so as I go forward all in the memory of my " Missymoo" x

And why SPrKL? Well my baby girl always had a beautiful sparkle in her eyes..


"You no longer greet us,

As we walk through the door.

You’re not there to make us smile,

To make us laugh anymore.

Life seems quiet without you,

You were far more than a pet.

You were a family member, a friend

. . . a loving soul we'll never forget.

It will take time to heal

For the silence to go away.

We still listen for you,

And miss you every day.

You were such a great companion,

Constant, loyal and true.

Our hearts will always wear.....

the pawprints left by you"